This site offers a selection of yoga classes through video downloads. I chose these classes by visiting many cities and asking local students and teachers where to go. I attend classes and record those I thought had good flow with clear intelligent detail to alignment. I hope to provide high quality classes to you at home.

Teachers receive 30% of the sales of the videos. If you are interested in making a video please contact Erika Weich.

The videos are large files and take 20-30 minutes to download. Please make sure your computer stays awake to complete the download. Mac users: go to System Preferences, then click on energy saver and drag computer sleep and display sleep past 1 hour.

My name is Erika Weich and I am an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I regularly practice at Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO and at home. I designed this website so there would be access to great classes anytime, anyplace.

I hope you enjoy.

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