Feb 2012 25

This was a special class recorded  for video with the instructors of The Yoga Workshop and the students that completed 30 days of Mysore practice. This is a good example of Richard Freeman’s Level 2 classes. We had a special class because his classes are too crowded to fit a camera in the room. Click below for a sample of Richard teaching trichanasana.

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Price: $15.00

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Duration: 98 minutes

Level: 2

Description:  Richard poetically explores the 1st half of the intermediate series of ashtanga. This class integrates breath, bandas and dristi while emphasizing alignment.

Props: Blankets for shoulderstand (optional)


Aug 2010 19

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Price: $12.00

Ashtanga: First half of Primary Series

Level 2

82 minutes

Erika Halweil was born and raised in New York City. Her first experience with the yoga practice was close to one decade ago, although, it wasn’t until 1997 that she focused her attention on the endless journey into the present moment. Recognizing the importance of a playful spirit and limitless curiosity, Erika tries to challenge herself, and others, through a unique vinyasa practice (inspired by the many traditions to which she has been exposed). She has furthered her knowledge of the human body through the study of nutrition (with a degree from NYU), anatomy and physiology and reflexology. She is, wholeheartedly grateful for all of her teachers; to Manorama D’Alvia and Uma Nanda Saraswati for helping her to find her inner bhakti; to Colleen Saidman and Jessica Bellofatto for their open hearts and thirst for knowledge; to Krishnamurti and Pema Chodron for their insight, honesty and courage. She is also indebted to the many people who have shared their practice with her, as she honors that each student is her guru.