Dan Michael’s yoga video -All Levels, 75 minutes, recorded at The Yoga Workshop, Boulder, CO


Dan Michael brings to his teaching a quiet intensity and depth of knowledge, fueled by his advanced asana practice and work as a body worker certified in Structural Integration. Dan’s interest in the interplay of movement, alignment and form as a means of understanding body dynamics has been a lifelong pursuit which began when, as a teenager he became an avid rock climber. After a serious climbing accident in 1994, Dan started studying healing arts at Heartwood Institute. As part of his recovery from his injury, Dan was introduced to the strengthening and healing aspects of yoga, an angle that continues to bring insight into his teaching. A Boulder native, Dan returned home in 1995 and since then has completed four Teacher Trainings with Richard. He also traveled to India to study with K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Rangawami. In the past five years, Dan’s understanding of yoga as an integral part of life has been complimented with extensive studies with Tibetan Buddhist teachers, allowing him to experience yoga is integral part of a healthy life.