De’s Prenatal Yoga Video

De West has been an ardent student of yoga since 1992.  As a teacher, De is insightful, intuitive, and attentive. She generously shares her love of yoga and discovery in a compassionate way. Precision, creative sequencing and deep understanding of anatomy contribute to De’s passion for helping women connect with their innate intelligence.

Women leave De’s classes rejuvenated, grounded and infused with a sense of personal and physical empowerment. De’s integrative and accessible teachings support students of every background by helping them find greater awareness.
De is a leader in the Boulder, Colorado yoga community. Her teaching combines principles from Iyengar alignment, Ashtanga and therapeutic yoga.  Her years of work with Osteopathic doctors allow her to apply yoga to many different people and conditions. De credits her primary teachers Rodney Yee, Richard Freeman and many Iyengar master teachers inspiring her to bring greater alignment and mindfulness to prenatal/postpartum yoga.
De teaches workshops and public classes at Studio Be Yoga and has her own Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Teacher Intensive at Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop.